Tips For Shooting Photographs In The Snow


The winter may seem like a time when we’re stuck indoors, waiting for spring, cursing the groundhog for seeing his shadow. Winter is, in fact, one of the most breathtaking seasons with plenty to see and take pictures of. Bundle up, because we’re going to give you some tips for taking great winter photographs.

Wear Sunglasses If Needed

If it’s a sunny day, the light reflects off of the snow pretty intensely. Wearing sunglasses can help to reduce the glare.

Keep Your Camera Within Temperature

It’s worse to try and keep your camera warm when you’re in cold temperatures. Glass will fog up and you’ll miss your shot. Worse, you could end up shorting out components inside of the camera due to extreme temperature changes. If your camera is outside, let it adjust to that temperature. The only component you should keep warm inside of your coat is your spare batteries. They’ll drain faster when exposed to the cold.   

If Your Camera Allows You To Shoot In RAW, Use It

Using RAW gives you a good amount of flexibility with the editing process. It also allows you to solve problems that you may not have been able to correct, had you shot in a standard format. 

Don’t Use Auto Mode

This goes without saying for many photographers, but your images are more likely to come out darker and with a less desirable lighting than if you shoot in manual and adjust the aperture accordingly.

To Rid Falling Snowflakes:

  • Use a tripod
  • Increase aperture
  • Shoot with a delayed shutter

This can help you to get a better shot since the snowflakes won’t have time to get in your picture. Sometimes, you may actually want a snowy effect in your picture. Go for it! This technique is useful for those flakes that are falling super close to the camera.

With the right planning, you can have a successful photography session in the snow. The most important things are to keep warm and have your equipment handy.

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