Photography And Videography: Different Mediums With A Similar Approach 


As someone who loves taking photos, I wondered if videography would make use of the same skills that being a photographer did. It turns out that the two mediums cross over with one another quite nicely. Both have their creative aspects, yet having a background in production like I do, really helps in completing both kinds of projects. Being organized and planning your shoots is key. Spontaneous shots are always great, but there needs to be a method in place.    

As a photographer, the perfect shot happens when all of the elements needed for a great picture come together. In many respects, videography needs those same pieces to come together in order to have a great finished product. These include

  • Lighting
  • The position of the various on-screen (or in-frame) elements
  • A mood is set
  • The moment or message needs to be captured
  • A good edit

Tools Needed

Both photography and videography cross over in the tools that are needed. A good camera is needed for both. This type of equipment can be described as one with top quality resolution and definition. One of the most important things is to understand how the camera you’re working with functions.

What’s Needed For Both Photography And Videography

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Field

These are the main elements of a photo or video shoot. Whether you’re shooting an instructional video that’s more or less stationary or trying to capture an action shot, these are the things that are necessary for a successful photo or video shoot. Your ability to use the camera to capture your goal image is the power behind the goal.

Videography By Richard Hinds

I have crossed over into the videography world! You can check out Videography By Richard Hinds right here. See some links to samples of my work below. I look forward to putting my skills to the test for a variety of projects in the world of video.    

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