Monday Musings 11/14/2016

In the middle of winter, it’s often hard to remember amidst the ice, snow and cold that there’s still so much beauty everywhere, especially in our favorite summer spots. The beauty of winter is often more than meets the eye (or the freezing hand)!

This week’s featured photograph is titled “Golden Hour Sea Oats” and was taken at Powder Point in Duxbury, Massachusetts in the dead of winter. Golden light falling on the oats remind us of the simple beauty in nature. We often forget about our favorite beach spot in the colder months. This is for obvious reasons, namely that we don’t want to be freezing! Yet, especially by the ocean, there’s so much beauty the whole year through.

At Powder Point, it’s scenery changes ever so slightly with the seasons and it’s certain that each new season brings something new to this special spot, tucked away on the south shore of Massachusetts.

You can order prints of “Golden Hour Sea Oats” here.