How To Photograph Buildings

Why do we photograph buildings? While we’re out and about, especially when we travel, buildings are often the focal points of our surroundings. There are certain techniques that can be used to photograph the buildings well and capture the essence of what you see with the naked eye.

How To Find The Leading Lines

If the object is guiding eyes in a certain direction along a path, you have found the leading lines. In other words, certain lines along the frame of a building will bring your eyes a certain way when viewing the building. This principle can help you to frame a good photograph.

Symmetry Is Your Friend

Just look up! Finding the symmetry (or lack of) when looking at a building can help you to find the perfect point at which to frame your picture. If a building is off kilter, curvy, or unique beyond straight lines, you’ll for sure want to highlight that in your photograph.

Check out this cool picture of part of a building from Olvera Street in Los Angeles

“Olvera Street Windows”